NPO & Foundation Services

For Individuals

LJPR is involved in every aspect of the client’s philanthropic experience.  We are engaged with clients investment management of assets, tax planning and preparation, estate planning and document preparation.  Each client that chooses to make a charitable donation has our staff of attorneys, CPAs and advisors to make sure their wishes are professionally fulfilled. 

Our staff can even help with non-cash gifts as well. Most people don't think to donate paintings, real estate or appreciated securities, but NPOs and foundations benefit greatly from such gifts. Some of the charitable services we offer to individuals include:

  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts.
  • Roth charity offsets
  • Appreciated property gifts
  • Tax planning, preparation and review

For Organizations

LJPR's service to non profits and foundations goes well beyond asset management, 990 preparation and assisting with developing investment and spending policies. Our team distinguishes itself from others by engaging donors through events and mutually-beneficial marketing strategies. We also have a history of giving back to the community and to the organizations in our network. Some of the charitable services we offer to organizations include:

  • 990 Planning and preparation
  • Investment policy statement development
  • Spending policy statement development
  • Fundraising assistance