Guns & Hoses


Why Guns & Hoses?

Police officers and firefighters need all the help they can get in defending their pensions and subsequent retirements. LJPR’s team of public safety retirement experts, including Leon LaBrecque and Matthew Teetor, do just that. In addition to working with units across the state of Michigan, they have authored several publications to assist police officers and firefighters in every area of their financial lives. Whether it's tax, investment, or estate planning, our team knows the ins and outs of the unique financial circumstances that men and women of public service face.

As our clients will attest, we are the most qualified financial advisor handling police and fire retirement systems in the state. In addition to our one on one consultation, departments across the state have benefitted greatly from our presentations and seminars. As is the case for all of our clients at LJPR, the fact that we are an independent advisor means commissions and products are never a part of our practice — only your best interests are in mind.

These are trying times, but good planning can help avoid mistakes. Feel free to utilize the resources we have provided on this page, and let us know how we can further assist you and your department. Above all, thank you for your service.