Estate Planning

Estate planning usually connotes ‘having a Will’, but the concept of estate planning is to provide an orderly transition of your assets in the event of your death or disability. Our version of estate planning is to overcome four barriers:

    • Probate, which is generally costly in both time and money;
    • Taxes, either income taxes or state and federal death taxes;
    • Control, to provide some governance over money to heirs;
    • Disability, to have someone protect you in the event of disability

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Protecting The Family Cottage

At LJPR, we know that the Family Cottage is a place full of memories and timeless traditions. We want each moment you spend at the cottage to be free of the burden of worrying about the cottage staying in your family. Whether your cottage has been in the family for decades, or you are just beginning the traditions of owning a cottage, we will help you plan for the future of your cottage and, hopefully, help keep it in your family for future generations to enjoy.